LFX Supply Centre offers a variety of lateral spread lawn mixtures that have a spreading tiller to fill in bare spots fast for increasing density to prevent possible weed pressures. These mixtures are find leafed and fark green in colour. Each mix has a variety of grass species such as Kentucky Bluegrass, Creeping Red Fescue and Slider Perennial Ryegrass.

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What is Your Nutrition Program?

Your Nutrition Program is part of your comprehensive soil test report - included with the purchase of a Soil Test Kit.

It is a prescription-based, annual nutrition plan that is simple, affordable and catered to the specific needs of your soil.

The Soil Test Kit can be used for gardens, trees, shrubs, etc. but Your Nutrition Program is better suited for lawns. 

The multi-page soil test report includes:

​​​Page 1:

  • Soil test results from A&L Canada Laboratories, including optimal ranges
  • The analysis includes organic matter, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, pH, cation exchange capacity (CEC), and base saturation of cations

Page 2:

  • Your Nutrition Program - your personalized annual fertilizer program
  • A shopping list of specific products to accompany Your Nutrition Program

Page 3:​

  • Detailed product use guidelines​

Page 4:

  • A monthly maintenance schedule for your intended end use
Additional information: 

​The average cost to purchase one (1) Soil Test Kit and Verified fertilizer to last for one growing season is $250 - $275 plus HST. This is based on:

  •  Average soil conditions in SW Ontario 
  • "Home Lawn" as the intended end use
  • An area of 2700 square feet (the average lawn size in Canada) 
  • Once samples are received at the lab, the turn around time is 3 - 4 business days
  • Fertilizer products are available where Soil Test Kits are sold
  • Your Nutrition Program can be started at any time of year

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Landscape fabric is a textile material used to control weeds by inhibiting their exposure to sunlight. The fabric is normally placed around desirable plants, covering areas where other growth is unwanted.

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Aluminum Edging allows for effortless installation and creates a beautiful, clean and crisp edge. The aluminum will not rust like steel, rot like wood or crack like plastic. 

Plastic Edging is made of a durable plastic material that is easily placed along garden beds helping define the space. It's highly flexible, making it suitable for both straight and curved applications and the rolled upper edge enhances strength.

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Landscaping Tools

We have a wide variety of Garant landscaping tools available. A Canadian brand of choice for tools and accessories essential for all outdoor tasks and projects. Garant tools are designed for residential and commercial use and are ideal for people looking for excellent quality and price. 

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