Consider soil as the best organic matter for your yard, garden or fill.
It is the most natural form of water storage, supply and purification and is the healthiest medium for ultimate plant growth.

We offer two grades to choose from to best suit your project and budget.


We manufacture our topsoil that is carefully sourced from local virgin farmlands. We regularly test our soil by a certified and accredited 3rd party testing laboratory to ensure top quality.
At LFX Supply Centre, our topsoil is processed in state-of-the-art and industry-leading commercial screeners.
We triple screen to remove any material larger than 10mm; one of the industry's smallest settings for topsoil screening.

Our Sandy Loam is amended with up to 20% government-certified premium AA compost. Sandy Loam is great for gardens and topdressing yards. It is fine and permeable and allows water to filter through it.

Our Heavy Loam contains a higher percentage of clay, ideal for shaping the yard in preparation for sod or for filling holes. It is less permeable and absorbs moisture.

Our newly built enclosed topsoil storage facility helps ensure the availability of dry Sandy Loam topsoil at all time.

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Created by nature, decorative stone adds long-lasting natural beauty to your landscaping. Easy to install, retains moisture and blocks weed growth. We offer a large assortment of decorative stones and pebbles varying in colour, textures and sizes.

Available by pick-up or delivery by the yard, ½ yard or 40 lb bag

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This winter protect your soil and garden using mulch. Work with 3” to 5” deep layer for best results.

To reserve moisture, improve fertility and decrease weeds, you will need mulch in your garden.

Mulch is the perfect organic décor finish for your yard accent areas, and composts naturally into your soil adding all the necessary nutrients.

Our mulch is available in four colours: Red, Black, Natural and Cedar.

Available for pick-up or delivery by the yard, ½ yard or bag.
Mulch a great way to add natural beauty around your trees, plants and landscape beds.
Easy to install and maintain, mulch adds vital organic matter to the soil contributing to healthy plant growth.

Benefits of mulch include:

  • Insulates the soil helping to moderate extremes in heat and cold temperatures;
  • Preserves moisture in the subsoil for healthier roots;
  • Helps to prevents weeds and soil erosion;
  • Allows air and water to penetrate into the root zone.

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LFX Supply Centre offers a wide range of quality aggregate products including stone, sand, gravel, and screenings. Add strength to your project’s composition with aggregate for construction, fill, base or decorative nuances. Aggregate is versatile, improves drainage and increases over all quality of your foundation. Aggregates are available for pick-up and delivery and are sourced from various quarries located in Ontario.

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