We have a strong background in materials supply, landscape design and construction installations. We are confident in our knowledge and experience. We offer insight and creative ideas for all your landscape projects. LFX Supply Centre is an expansion and union of the Melvin Orr and Landscape Effects brands. We are here to earn your trust as industry experts. We have creative products, creative solutions, competitive prices, value added customer service, and the opportunity for you to engage in dialogue with experts that listen.


Melvin Orr Trucking has been family owned since 1954. It is now in the family of the Landscape Effects Group. The Orr and St. Pierre families have collaborated in business for decades and share in the same core values to treat their customers like family—with respect and loyalty.

From its humble beginnings in 1954 to the expanded brand we are building today, Melvin Orr and Landscape Effects have always focused on their solid business relationships. Our goal is that our customers and suppliers can depend on us through trust, reliability and conviction with the quality of products and service we offer and will continue to offer with our new LFX Supply Centre